Commercial Tree Care and Preventative Maintenance Services

As a business owner or investor, your commercial property is very important to you. A well maintained landscape with thriving, mature trees can increase your property’s market value by as much as 15%, so it is essential that the trees currently on your property are well established, regularly maintained and thoroughly fertilized throughout the year to ensure the maximum value for your investment. Many property owners want to enhance the beauty and value of their land through the addition of trees, but often do not know the best tree variety to choose for our humid coastal climate, or how to properly care for the tree. With three generations of experience with North Carolina trees, shrubs and greenery, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to handle any of your commercial property needs.

We offer a full array of tree care, shrub care, and tree maintenance services for our business clients so that their property contributes to their business image. Our services include Fertilization and Soil maintenance, Cabling and Bracing, Pruning/Storm Damage Assessment, Pest and Disease Management and Tree Inspection. Baxley Tree Services also offers Tree Replacement/Planting. Our certified arborists can assist property owners desiring to add trees to their land by analyzing the property’s environment and soil type, and recommending shade, flowering, or fruit trees to best meet your needs. In addition, the Certified Arborists will factor in the bark characteristics, potential tree and root system size, and maintenance needs throughout the year to tailor a tree planting design that best enhances the property and surrounding environment.

When you are ready to enhance your business through tree care services for your property, call Baxley Tree Services to request a consultation visit from our Certified Arborists today, or contact Baxley for additional information. With three generations of experience with North Carolina trees, shrubs and greenery, we have the equipment and experience to handle any of your commercial property needs.

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