Residential Services

Three generations of experience with removing trees in North Carolina has given us a deep knowledge of the trees of our beautiful state as well as the ability to meet your residential needs in any of North Carolina’s 100 counties. We are proud to say that we have safely removed over a half million trees throughout the years, but for us it goes farther than just removing a tree. Every tree that we remove, we strive to do it in the safest, most efficient and cost effective way possible. In order for us to accomplish this we strive to use cutting edge advancements in our industry. We continually implement new practices and methods for removing trees and by staying current, we are able to offer you the best tree removal service possible at the lowest cost.

Emergency Tree Removal

Needing emergency tree service can be overwhelming due to the personal nature of how these situations affect your life. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need an emergency tree service, Baxley Tree Services has the knowledge, skills, equipment and commitment to excellence to meet your needs safely and efficiently.

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Tree Care Services

Baxley Tree Care will help you ensure your trees are properly cared for and your property is protected. We offer a full array of tree care, shrub care, and tree maintenance services for our residential clients such as: Fertilization and Soil maintenance, Cabling and Bracing, Pruning/Storm Damage Assessment, Pest and Disease Management and Tree Inspection.

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Tree Removal

While we do everything we can to revitalize or save trees through our tree care services, sometimes they are too diseased or damaged to heal. When that’s the case, you need tree removal services fast. Dead trees lack the ability to support themselves—so dead trees are often a dangerous liability. Our trained arborists are experts in removing Hazardous Trees. We also offer Crane Assisted Tree Removal to provide a safe and efficient no impact tree removal at a lower cost than traditional methods.

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