Rural Roads in NC and the Importance of Wider Shoulders

ABC11 Raleigh-Durham local news recently shared: NC rural roads among deadliest in US.

What makes rural roads dangerous? One of the factors is the road’s shoulder. Rural roads often have narrow shoulders. Widening the shoulder, or the area next to the road, allows drivers to have more room. If there’s an accident or a sudden block in the road, the shoulder is a safe place for the driver to go.

Baxley’s Municipal Services are committed to solutions that make North Carolina towns safer and make the trees healthier. We work extensively with the Department of Transportation to maintain all the major highways and roads in North Carolina, specializing in high risk removals that other companies cannot handle. In 2015, we cleared 150 acres of timber off major highways to improve their safety without interrupting traffic flow.

We are fully licensed in all municipal areas and our multiple ISA certified arborists have the knowledge and experience to evaluate any tree removal project, whether the job be a small park contract or a whole city. At Baxley Tree Services, we treat every task as if it was our own land we are taking care of—because we’re local. We take pride in ourselves and our commitment to helping the communities of North Carolina by maintaining the agriculture around us in a healthy and professional way.

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Rural Roads in NC and the Importance of Wider Shoulders
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