The Value of a Healthy Tree – Happy Earth Day, North Carolina!

We know that trees matter to North Carolina.

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating all that trees do for us with a new infographic that shares the value that a healthy tree adds to our air, streams, and home value.

The Value of a Healthy Tree Infographic by Baxley Corp
The Value of a Healthy Tree: Infographic by Baxley Corp

Need Tree Care in North Carolina?

We hope you’ll give us a call. We serve all 100 North Carolina counties and have experience with all kinds of trees, environments, and tree care situations. Our staff is experienced and dedicated to the health and safety of your trees and home.

Need Tree Removal services?

Sometimes trees don’t do well or cause damage. These trees need to be removed so that other healthy trees can survive, or so that we can prevent damage to our homes and property.

Tree removal can be tricky, since we want to safely remove a tree without affecting your other property. We also want to ensure our staff is safe and that they keep your family safe.

If you’re considering tree removal, consider a company with experience and local service at the core of its values. Consider Baxley Corp!

Free Estimates for Tree Service and for Tree Removal

Give us a call toll-free: 844-611-TREE (8733) or reach out at for a free estimate.

We look forward to working with you. And happy Earth Day!

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The Value of a Healthy Tree – Happy Earth Day, North Carolina!
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